About the Team

Vanessa Headshot.jpg

Vanessa Di Palma Wright

Owner and Stylist

Vanessa is a seasoned stylist and world traveler who has scouted unique and emerging designers from around the globe. She launched Farasha in 2009 with the sole purpose of setting up pop-up boutiques in niche resort markets to offer women an atelier to discover and shop new brands. Through her work with Farasha, Vanessa has been inspired to help women utilize fashion as a form of expression, and as a platform to connect, network, and support one another. Today, Vanessa’s mission is to help women feel not just stylish, but confident, beautiful, and the best possible version of themselves. Since its inception, Farasha has transformed into a full service fashion consulting company, encompassing an array of services that reflect Vanessa’s love of fashion and travel, as well as communications expertise and commitment to supporting and connecting women of all backgrounds. Vanessa was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and grew up in Queens, NY. She now resides in the mountains of Park City, Utah where Farasha is based. 


Harly Richards

Project Manager and Stylist

Harly has always had a love for fashion as a means of personal expression and a tool for connecting and creating. Before joining Farasha, her educational and professional background was centered in Supply Chain Management, specifically purchasing, production and logistics on an international level. This experience honed her ability to take any project from idea to reality in an efficient and organized manner and continuously find solutions for complex problems.  While working with people from all over the world, Harly became passionate about sustainability and actively seeks to be a part of the positive change towards sustainable practices in the fashion industry.  Now a part of the Farasha team, Harly brings her unique combination of skills and passion to every project.