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Commercial: Farasha offers full service wardrobe styling for editorial, commercial, staging and promotional purposes. Styling projects are tailored to the client’s needs based on theme, budget and specifications. Farasha has a wide network of emerging global designers represented in our showroom and high end retail partners to draw from to fulfill the demands of any project. Stylists will work with you to create an outstanding and unique look that embodies your creative vision.

Personal: Farasha also offers personal styling services to clients who would like to embrace a new look or simply maximize their existing wardrobe options. Whether you need styling assistance for a special occasion or expert tips to put new looks together from your own closet, Farasha stylists and wardrobe consultants can guide you in developing your unique sense of style. After evaluating your current wardrobe and listening to your personal style goals, our team will work with you to develop and craft a new style and image that fits your lifestyle, budget and style preferences.

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