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Creative Virtual Services

Remote photo/video production, creative consulting, engaging online experiences, private wardrobe consultations, meeting hosting, and experience design. 


Photo & Video Production 

Creative content production with a stylish aesthetic that is timeless and sophisticated. Access to a plethora of talented and professional photographers and videographers with a wide variety of aesthetics to meet the creative goals of our clients. Assets created can be targeted for commercial campaigns, website branding, social media, online platforms, creative in-person and digital experiences. 


Pop-Up Boutique Curation


Strategically curated temporary storefronts in diverse urban and/or niche resort markets to support e-commerce platforms, connect with customers, and drive sales. Services include managing operations, store design, team support and training, merchandising, and inventory management systems. 

Wardrobe Styling 


Wardrobe styling services ranging from large and complex commercial productions to intimate personal wardrobe consultations. Style profiles include high fashion, business chic, ready-to-wear, costuming, and lifestyle. 

Fashion Show Production 


Designer sourcing and wardrobe presentation curation, diversity and inclusion driven talent casting, back of house staffing, staging design, live streaming services, photo and film capture. 

Bespoke Corporate Events 


Experiential event curation with a fashion focused lens to highlight a brand, theme, or cause. Negotiate partnerships, event management, and full production services to create a brand story that is memorable and connects with consumers. 


Influencer Strategy


Creative campaign development, influencer relationship building and management, rate negotiations, contract and payment management, data capture and analysis. 






Farasha, meaning ‘butterfly’ in Arabic, originated in 2009 as a traveling pop-up boutique in niche resort markets across the United States. Representing more than 100 designers over the years, Farasha’s primary goal was to provide international and emerging designers with access to new and high-end markets.


In the last 5 years, Farasha has gone through a metamorphosis, transforming into a fashion consulting company that offers full production services, professional wardrobe styling, brand consulting and influencer marketing strategy services. We bring together the perfect team to develop and execute a strategic action plan, deliver measurable results and achieve each client's specific fashion and business objectives.



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